Watching Some Thrones

Season three of Game of Thrones has come and gone and the pieces on the board of this mythical land have been turn on their heads once again. The Red Wedding virtually knocked out House Stark. The north is now controlled by House Bolton and the Lannisters seem more powerful than ever while they sit on top of the Iron Throne. Season three was only part one of A Storm of Swords. There’s still a lot to see play out in Westeros and all over the world in which Game of Thrones takes place.

King’s Landing

Season Three leaves the Lannisters all reunited in King’s Landing and seeming more powerful than ever. Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King and leader of House Lannister helped eliminate Robb Stark and his men who were winning their battles against Lannister forces. They also defeated Stannis Baratheon at the end of season two. They seem to be one step ahead of every other house but what happens when you are at the top without many enemies?

King’s Landing doesn’t seem to be big enough for the Lannister family and the influx of House Tyrell.  Cersei Lannister is conumsed with keeping the Tyrells in check and staying ahead of her in coming daughter-in-law. Cersei also has to deal with her lover and brother back in her life.

Jaime has been humbled on the road back to his family. Things won’t be the same between him and Cersei. Also, don’t expect things to be the same between Tywin and Jaime either. Jaime is Tywin’s admitted favorite son and will have certain expectations of him.

Tyrion Lannister seems to be the one member of the family with affection for someone outside his family that’s not just based on personal gain. He’s the only one who will take an admitted public stance against the cruel King Joffery.

While, the Lannisters are content on keeping their family strong they surround themselves with self-made people like Varys and Little Finger. Both of whom are not content with the current state of the realm and will employ their methods to change that.

In the North

With the Stark forces obliterated and family members dead or in hiding, House Bolton are the named the new “Wardens of the North”. The North is in ruins after smaller houses are fractured in allegiance. The fortress of Winterfell is a shell of itself. This leads to Roose Bolton waiting until Winterfell can be rebuilt to occupy it.

Roose’s bastard son Ramsay Snow, currently is torturing Theon Greyjoy or as he’s now known, Reek. Like the torture scenes this story line seems never-ending. Theon/Reek’s “manhood” is sent to the Greyjoys. This prompts his sister to amass a fleet of soldiers and ships to attack Theon’s captures.


The Late Robb Stark 


Arya Stark and the Hound are headed somewhere through the Riverlands after escaping the Red Wedding. Arya is becoming an even more hardened girl. She is one of the last remaining Starks. Her story should take her to some new places we haven’t seen.

The control of the Riverlands belongs to House Frey after helping execute The Red Wedding. House Tully’s claims are stripped and Catelyn Stark is dead. However, her body is intact unlike her son’s. The death of Catelyn Stark won’t sit very well with Little Finger who is now a Lord and lays claim to lands back in the Riverlands.

On the Wall

Jon Snow has escaped the Wildlings and made it back over The Wall with knowledge of the Others. The Others are coming and a war most certainly will be fought on the Wall. Snow won’t be alone in this fight as Stannis Baratheon sees his calling in the “real war” at The Wall.

While Jon has to make it back and ready forces at the Knight’s Watch with other Crows his brother Bran Stark is going beyond the wall. Bran is warg and needs to make it to the three-eyed crow because his magical abilities can somehow become enhanced. Personally, it’s a little Harry Potterish.

Across the Narrow Sea 

While, loads of strife is happening in Westeros Daenerys Targaryen, also known as the Mother of Dragons is conquering Slaver’s Bay, city by city. She is growing her army and her dragons. She has built up a trusted council around her and is learning how to rule.

The one question left is when is she going to make her march on Westeros. How will making that jump play out? The question of when she heads to Westeros will change the series much like Eddard Stark’s death sent the Seven Kingdoms into chaos.



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