Greetings fellow Wayward’s!  Welcome to a “check in” on what is turning out to be a really fun show.  If you missed our first article about it, step in to the way back machine and check it out.

Tomorrow night we’ll get to see the fourth episode in this 10 part series, and last week we saw the splendid “Our Town, Our Law.”  The creepy “The Prisoner” vibes continued.  As did some creepy “The Lottery” vibes.  But you know what didn’t continue?  Juliette Lewis’s character Beverly!  With only 10 episodes of story, directer M. Night is showing the viewer that no one is safe.


How Beverly got her “sore throat.”

And I have to say, I was very stoked for her death.  I found her character to be pretty darn irritating.  I think Juliette Lewis is cool, but she was mis-cast as Beverly.  Her character, who started out as a brave rebel, ended up being a scared doofus.  And anyway, now Matt Dillon’s character, Ethan, won’t have any dead weight to carry on his escape attempt.  Except, of course he will, because now his wife and kid have been mysteriously transported to Wayward Pines.  Naturally, you’d want to fill your wife in on what exactly is happening in this creepy town, you know, get her and the kid up to speed.  So of course Ethan does the opposite.  He immediately runs away and meets the woman he had an affair with in the woods!  Kate, apparently a partner of Ethan’s from his time with the secret service (Is he still an active member?  Who knows at this point!?) has been in Wayward Pines for 12 years, even though Kate and Ethan were together about 5 weeks ago.  That’s right, just like when you were in high school, time makes no sense in Wayward Pines.

Ethan’s son, Ben, having followed his dad into the woods, does what any normal kid would do in this case.  He assumes dad is cheating on mom… Again.  And since Ethan had not taken the time to explain “The Pines” to his family, his wife assumed the worst.  She was SO MAD, in fact, that they decided to walk out of town.  Super smart decision right?  I mean, you’ve been in a small town before.  There’s always another small town extremely close by right?  Before Ethan has a chance to catch up with them, they are intercepted by Terrence Howard’s Sheriff Pope (Is POPE a clue?).  Howard has been pretty awesome in this series.  He nonchalantly eats ice cream and creeps people out.  And right now, he’s all out of ice cream!

"This Ice Cream is to die for."

“This Ice Cream is to die for.”

He chases Theresa and Ben all the way to those super weird electric fences we saw that surround the town.  He proceeds to abuse Ben in front of his mother when all of a sudden, here comes our man Ethan!  Ethan is almost immediately knocked to the ground by Pope (Seriously, how many times has Ethan lost consciousness in Wayward Pines?) when who comes to the rescue?  Ben!  By slamming Pope with his own SUV!  Now we get to see what kind of show this really is.  The smart move is to double tap Pope and end him for good.  The “TV Show” thing to do is leave him, and assume that his ways will change.  While I’m busy contemplating this, Ethan swiftly and decisively caps Sheriff Pope.  So that’s what type of show this is!  No star is safe, and Ethan will do what needs to be done!  That’s the end of the show, right?  NOPE!

And now for one more super weird thing.  A creature (Alien?  Monster?  Sasquatch from the beef jerky commercials?) emerges from the wall, grabs Pope’s body, takes him back in to the wall, and then does what sounds like horrible things to the corpse.  So that was weird!

This show certainly has a few flaws, but overall it has been a blast.  The real star has been M. Night’s creepy direction.  And even though I don’t find Matt Dillon super likable, the plot is chugging along at a great pace.  So now, the big question…  What’s my theory!?


Here’s a few things we know.

  •  Ethan Pope feels responsible for a horrible disaster.  Hundreds of people died.  Do his bosses (Or former bosses?) feel the same way?
  • Other agents have found their way to Wayward Pines.  But where did the other inhabitants come from?
  • Some people can leave!  We’ve seen Sheriff Pope and Dr. Jenkins.  Or perhaps their doubles!
  • Someone “in charge” sees something in Ethan.

So my theory?  It’s not fully developed.  But I think that Wayward Pines is some sort of organization that is trying to create a Utopia.  There are rules that make this possible.  You can’t talk about the past, you HAVE to be happy and work hard.  They have dirt on EVERYONE in the real world, even the government.  And because of this, they have autonomy.  They use that autonomy to collect people that they think are special, aka, Ethan.  I think that the people of the town will try and place responsibility on Ethan and get him to buy in.  They tried fear, but now they will give him what he wants, starting with his family.

What do you guys think?  Am I crazy?  Or a genius?



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