So this past Monday, June 10th 2013, Apple announced it’s first major update to it’s iOS ever. This much awaited update has been debated for over a year; will it live up to the expectations? With Apple needing to step it’s game recently, iOS 7 was it’s first step in a new direction that could hopefully turn things into a positive direction for the company. I will admit that I’m a total Apple fanboy, however even if you’re not a fan of Apple, you could probably appreciate the new design implemented in iOS 7.

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Having access to a developer account with Apple, I was able to download a Beta version of iOS 7 and play around with. More importantly, I was able to take some screenshots to show it off. Unfortunately the pictures just simply don’t do it justice. iOS  7 sports a glassy, clean and minimilistic look seen more in Apple’s recent hardware rather than software. Although with designer Jony Ive behind the re-design of Apple’s infamous OS, this was to be expected.

Check out some screenshots and details of the new iOS 7 below.

[nggallery id=3]

A couple of last notes; there is plenty more than meets the eye in these images. Apple has implemented a type of 3D design. The background image on your device actually shifts, giving the elements of the phone a layered, 3D-type look. Also, the simple animations and transitions within the OS give it much more depth than previous versions; even a simple fade out when you turn off the devices screen instead of the harsh click of previous OS’.

For a more in-depth look into iOS 7, check out Apple’s promo video below. It’s worth the watch.


Want access to iOS 7 Beta? We’re giving away 5 BETA invites! Just Tweet “Get iOS 7 NOW: @TweetStateLines”




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