First of all, don’t worry. This isn’t going to be some stoner Star Wars post, as you might have assumed from the title.

Dude, Star Wars

This is my first article for State-Lines, so it is going to be a bit of a thinker. Ready? Okay.

Humor me for one second and just sit back and try to imagine if Star Wars was real. There’s no way to prove that it didn’t happen, right? So what if all the Jedi gymnastics, lightsaber fights, poorly-aimed blaster battles, Force chokes, Millennium Falcon chases, cantina jazz bands, and Han Solo badassness actually happened in our universe? Just let yourself believe that somewhere out there some really crazy sh!t is going down.

death star

This is your brain right now.

Now let that sink in. I’ll wait…

Okay, now that this idea of Star Wars being real has marinated into your brain and made it all juicy with its sci-fi greatness, consider this: Doesn’t your life suck a whole lot more now? Suddenly everything you’ve done is so incredibly lame. So lame! Oh, you learned to play guitar? That’s cool. Someone just blew up the Death Star. AGAIN! You’re such a loser!

This idea doesn’t even have to be limited specifically to Star Wars. You can imagine it for any kind of “fantasy” you enjoy. But how do you know it’s actually a fantasy? What if Hogwarts is a real place and Harry Potter was a real, super awesome wizard kid with not so super awesome wizard glasses? What if Doctor Who is actually somewhere out there (or “out then”), zipping through space and time, fighting baddies with a fancy screwdriver that the Home Depot is always sold out of?

Now, I’m not saying this to make you feel depressed about your life. I’m saying the exact opposite, in fact. The trivial stuff of your life is now even more trivial than ever before. Many of your troubles and triumphs start to lack in comparison, right? This means we should be thinking of greatness all the time. Be like Luke (but don’t kiss your sister). Be like Han, like Chewwie, or like Harry or the Doctor. Dream big, dreamers! Do something brain-meltingly awesome! It may sound silly, but use this thought process as way to push yourself forward. Stop worrying about the little things, like how you’re convinced that your Starbucks barista hates you and always write a girl name on your drink on purpose. Instead, use that concentration to build a real functioning lightsaber. Then email me when you have it built. Really, that’s all this article is about. Someone please build me a lightsaber. Thanks.

But seriously…




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