Main Event – Why Watch Community?

Class is back in session!  Community, airing on NBC thursdays at 8 pm, starts up the zany and the weird and the heart felt on February 7th.  Adam and Jarrett love the show and they think you should too.  Created by Dan Harmon and premiering on September 17th, 2009, it quickly became a favorite of nerds and people with amazing taste.  Though it has struggled to gain the ratings it truly deserves, the critics have long had a love affair with the crew at Greendale.  This podcast is our attempt to convince you to watch Community.  Here is some praise for Community (as if you needed any one besides our recommendation)

The best comedy ever produced by humans beings… Period!

Community is streets ahead.

If you don’t like community, then you are probably a communist.

Ok, so those aren’t real quotes, but they might as well be.  If you need to know more about Community, check the wiki.  But all you really need to know is this.  And of course…. Watch Community!

What’s Happening

Ruben Fleishcer!


One of our favorite directors favorited one of our tweets!  In the grand scheme of the universe, this does nothing, but man, we are excited he noticed us.  Adam and Jarrett then disagree about the finale of season 2 of American Horror Story.  We continue following Adams journey of watching Breaking Bad.  He’s in the middle of season 4 and “Walter White Watch” is in full swing.



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