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So I finally went and saw Man of Steel this week. The whole time I watched I could hear the critics in the back of my head talking about the already announced sequel. When a property as popular as Superman comes around sequel talk is inevitable but the problem for me is everyone’s question of how can Man of Steel 2 be bigger and better than its predecessor?

Sequels always tend to have the stigma of having to be bigger and better. Really the sequel should drive the character story forward while leaving the origins tale behind.

SIDE NOTE: Aren’t we to a point yet that every person on the planet knows Superman and Batman’s origins? Can we please, for the love of God stop retelling it again and again!?

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What do ya mean “re-hash”?

Often times continuing the story involves some epic battles or bitter crosses with a hated enemy, but it doesn’t have to necessarily surpass the original in terms of fight scenes or comedic relief. The problem with the mentality that the sequel must be bigger is that you always end up with almost a photocopy of the first movie. I’m looking at you Hang Over 2! So how can this possibly tragic end be avoided with Man of Steel 2?

First and for most do not try to replicate the damage. The battles with Zod and his forces were so epic in scope that the damage to the earth alone couldn’t possibly handle too many more battles of that magnitude. There has been talk of Doomsday as a possible villain for the second movie. Where that would be pretty cool to have such a fearsome foe the timing isn’t right after such a destructive fight in the first movie. Besides how long would earth really want Superman around if every time a villain came around he destroyed half the planet?

The next thing I would consider is that you can be bigger and better in terms of quality without blowing up every building in Metropolis. With talk of a possible Justice League movie after Man of Steel 2 wouldn’t it be a good idea to bring in another character. I’m thinking personally turning Man of Steel sequel into a Worlds Finest film with Batman would be epic. Especially if it’s not announced and comes as a complete surprise. As I said in the side note we don’t need anymore origins tales on heroes we have known about for generations. What we need is an epic telling of their tales. A Batman reboot would be awesome started within the current Superman movies!  And best of all it would be unique and original to the super hero movies of the past.

DC has a vast bevy of great characters. Just like Marvel the possibilities seem endless. The problem with DC movies however is that the studios aren’t taking any risks in terms of what fans would like, they like to rehash old stories, and when they go to the source material they decide to change a lot of key factors. People keep talking about copying Marvels layout for Avengers with DC having a few more solo adventures. The problem with that thought lies in Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern. If you don’t put epic quality into each solo outing you risk ruining the buzz on the team movie.

A Worlds Finest movie would be different. It would be DC and the studios stepping up to an original idea in the now crowded super hero movie world and hitting an epic grand slam. But like any winning team the Justice League movie would need to be build on quality and hard work. It will never work if they just rush something out hoping to be the next Avengers franchise.

a state lines worlds finest
World’s Finest.

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