In the dark seedy alleys where the grotesque, the violent, the terrifying and the shocking ways to die are drenched with symbolism and irony, horror fans rejoice. True fans of horror may have a plethora of reasons why they love the genre, but it almost always boils down to two things, irony and the ability to be truly terrifying.

The resurgence in the horror genre is tight knit. And a large part of that community owes Netflix for helping independent cinema. For the last 40 years, horror movies have been run by the studio, and occasionally they would pick up a movie from an independent director. You could only rent independent horror at video rental stores, yet there was a big IF they had it. But it seems the call for better, more intelligent, more fun, and more bloody horror has the studios looking to back the young guns. I am not going to go into all the young greats of the horror resurgence in this article.

This is about YOU’RE NEXT.


Yet, YOU’RE NEXT happens to have five of those big guns in horror in the movie. Adam Wingard, the director, is as poignant as he is funny. Andrew Palermo is showing his chops as an extremely gifted eye for shot composition as it plays out the story. His cinematography is so thematic; it almost tells a concurrent story with the narrative of the script. And Simon Barrett, the writer of YOU’RE NEXT, has displayed a knowledge for pacing and humor that would make any horror directors wet dreams look like child’s play. Something about the way Simon unfolds twists and turns, plot points and character development are so satisfying. Ti West and Joe Swanberg, two incredibly talented directors, star as cast in Adam’s film, which helps paint the picture of the film. These people are friends, getting together and making a movie. Sure they bring in other actors. But this had to have been a blast to film. But that friendship doesn’t banish professionalism, if anything, it raises the caliber of the filmmaking, both on screen and behind the camera. Sharni Vinson plays Erin, the most badass chick of all horror films, even topping Ridley from Aliens.

YOU’RE NEXT is as sharp as the machetes and knives used to stab the victims. “The animals will hunt” says one trailer. And hunt they do. It is very challenging to write this article without giving away a great deal of the fun.

Here is what you need to know, and honestly already should know from the trailers. It’s a home invasion horror about animal-masked killers attacking a family. Sounds generic or too much like The Strangers? Well it’s not, its self-aware and charming, while remaining bloody and perfectly executed. YOU’RE NEXT is an A+ movie, with a love for B- Horror movies.

This movie was filmed in a week, sometime back in 2010-2011, and due to the studio trying to pick it up, it’s just now seeing wide release in theatres. GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND! Support independent cinema.



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