We’re generally keeping watch for one of a kind qualifier stories on the European Poker Visit (EPT), and Brazil’s Matheus de Sousa surely has one of those. Not a solitary other PokerStars qualifier won their direction to Barcelona the manner in which he did. As far as one might be concerned, the 26-year-old from São Paulo needed to overcome a massive 13,485 different players to win a full EPT Barcelona bundle, so this was no standard satellite.

It was anything but a satellite by any means, truth be told.

“I won the $5.50 purchase in Small scale EPT Monte Carlo Headliner on the web,” says de Sousa, radiating proudly. For that inconceivable triumph, de Sousa – who plays on PokerStars as “MSG1997” – won the $8,278 in front of the pack prize, yet additionally got a costs paid trip for this Headliner.

“The Small Fundamental success was my greatest score, however the bundle was far better!”

Presently he’s here in Barcelona making some amazing memories. He’s somewhere down in the Headliner on Day 3, while his dad is out partaking in the city. De Sousa Senior has jumped into Gambling club Barcelona to observe his child in real life on the tables, however he was told to return later by his child.

“It was somewhat exhausting on Day 1,” de Sousa says. “I advised him to return the last days when it gets energizing and when the cash gets greater!” On the off chance that I was de Sousa, I’d advise Father to get himself down here right now as his child is at present waging war against seemingly the most renowned Brazilian poker player out there.

Talking about being stuck inside, that is really how Matheus de Sousa found poker.

“I was going with my companions and we were at the ocean side however it began to rain for a really long time,” he says. “So consistently we played poker while stuck inside. For no reason in particular, nothing serious.”Be that as it may, de Sousa was fascinated by the game and before long ended up really hitting the books in a bid to improve. It worked, and quite a while back he turned proficient. Nowadays he chiefly plays online poker, with an intermittent live occasion at the Brazil Series of Poker (BSOP) or other neighborhood occasions.

He’s currently wanting to go as far as possible in the EPT Barcelona Headliner… simply don’t request that he go on the element table. It’s truly tense with every one of the cameras, man,” he says, laughing. “I would rather not go on the element table obviously, I’d be glad to assuming that I make the last table!”






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