For most players who win the lofty Sunday Million, the triumph is the apex of their poker vocation. It’s difficult to top winning PokerStars’ leader online occasion for a huge aggregate, however that makes Antoine Stackowiak intriguing.

He’s won the Sunday Million two times, yet he accomplished the two triumphs this year.

The 27-year-seasoned professional from Onnaing, France is as of now somewhere down in the European Poker Visit (EPT) Barcelona Headliner, which he qualified for in a €250 direct satellite on PokerStars.FR. He’s wanting to get a cutting edge live outcome that would obscure his internet based achievement.

“It would be extremely unique,” he says. “It’s an extraordinary delight to play these occasions.”

“I Adored THE GAME Right away”
Antoine Stackowiak started his poker process the same way that endless players when him did. He took in the game in little home games with companions in his youngsters and was the one out of the pack who became enchanted.

“I began playing with in the middle between college classes,” he says. “I cherished the game right away and immediately began to concentrate on poker.”

After four years Stackowiak was doing all around ok on the tables to turn genius, and he’s lived in the poker hotbed of Malta for the beyond three years.

He’s partaken in a few live outcomes – remembering a success for a €100 purchase in occasion Dublin for €3,640 – however not at all like the web-based achievement he had recently.

Antoine Stackowiak
Two Sunday Millions in a year for Antoine Stackowiak

To start with, Antoine Stackowiak won the Sunday Million on the .COM client as a feature of the Abundance Manufacturer Series, procuring himself a six-figure score. Then incredibly, he got a second Milly title on .FR, where he plays behind the screen name “costakopp”.

The €250 purchase in release of the Sunday Million was important for the Spring Title of Online Poker (SCOOP) series and Stackowiak crushed 4,567 players to win €111,466, incorporating €49,755 in bounties.

“The primary success, it was fantastic,” he says. “The subsequent time was simply perfect. I know it’s extremely uncommon, particularly to win it two times around the same time.”

The subsequent triumph could never have come at a superior time. Stackowiak’s bankroll had endured a few shots in the months after the success. “I was exceptionally lucky,” he says.

He’ll have to complete in 10th spot in the EPT Barcelona to overshadow that score. It’s a tall order, yet Stackowiak’s internet based ability obviously shows he’s capable.

“I want to believe that I can go extremely far in this occasion,” he says. “My qualifier experience has been excellent. I truly love the city and the occasion has been perfect.






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